Diamond jewellery has its own charm and oozes nothing but sheer royalty. From simple solitaires to gala necklaces, everything that has diamond becomes precious and charismatic. More to say, there are many varieties of diamonds, which are classified based on their purity through different certificates. Some of the most renowned diamond certificates are GIA, AGS, IGI and HRD but CaratStyle offers the most valuable brands of diamonds and that is GIA and  IGI with best prices.

Let us look at the various diamond certificates in detail:

GIA Certificate Solitaire
GIA – Actually known as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is the industry standard for evaluating the quality of diamond and is one of the most trusted names for diamond trade. When you buy GIA certified diamonds, you are buying gemstones that are evaluated without any bias.in many cases diamond traders blindly buy GIA certified diamonds without inspecting actual diamond. With GIA, you have no chance to buy a synthetic diamond; all you get is a valued piece of jewellery which speaks quality and transparency. GIA is only in to loose diamond certification and not Diamond Jewellery. GIA is pioneer laboratory for solitaires and gemstones.

IGI – International Gemological Institute (IGI), diamond Jewellery and solitaire certified by IGI  is considered of high quality and is highly valued across the globe. Buying an IGI diamond jewellery means you have an authentic piece of ornament that stays with you for a lifetime. Most jewellers in India sale diamond jewellery certified by IGI only. IGI is most reliable jewellery certification institute.even IGI certified solitaires traded by jewellers across globe.

Papilior offers certified diamonds to ensure that its customers are buying genuine and high quality jewels. There is no chance of degraded quality when you buy diamond jewellery from us. To clear all your doubts, we have a fantastic team that can solve all your queries and make sure that you have no dilemma while buying diamond ornaments from us.

We would like to help you buy the best quality of jewellery and invest in the right pieces of embellishments. We also offer certified diamonds at a much lower rate than our contemporaries and the below table is a proof of that:

  Other Website Price Other website price Papilior  Price
SI-IJ 64,000 65,000 56,000
VS-GH 96,000 95,000 65,000
VVS-GH 1,08,000 1,00,000 75,000
VVS-EF 1,23,000 1,10,000 85,000
Note :  Approximate Rate Par Carat