This Women’s day we celebrate the life of courageous women whose achievements have the power to inspire change in the world. A real Hero - Hetal Patel- DYSP Surat, Gujarat.

womens day

    1. Did you always want to be in IPS? How long have you been in this field?
      Yes, I always knew that this is my calling, I worked hard and cleared the GPSC exam and started training to become a Police officer.
      I have been a DYSP for 6 years, my postings have been Surat CID crime, Anand, Palanpur and currently I’m in Surat.
    2. Did you always want to be in IPS? How long have you been in this field?
      My training officers and co-cadets were cooperative, it’s true that the training structures were initially designed for men as not many women have applied to the police force, I am proud that as and when women showed interest in serving the nation, things have changed to benefit one and all.
      When you put on this uniform, you don’t belong to any caste, religion or culture. You’re only a Police officer, dedicated to serve the People of your nation.
    3. Share something about your personal life?
      Well my husband is an Engineer and I have two daughters, we are both in our line of work by choice which is why we want to give our children the freedom to choose whatever career they see fit.
    4. Who is your support system?
      My family is for sure, they have supported my decision to be a Police officer. There are times when I can’t attend social events given the odd hours of this job, my in-laws, parents, hubby and kids are very understanding.
    5. Your views on self-defense?
      Please share a message for the public and for the civil service aspirants. I am very much in favour of women learning self defense, you will be able to help others only once you are strong enough to help yourself. I would encourage more women to join the police force, we certainly need them.

Thank you so much for speaking with us DYSP Hetal and for protecting us each and every day, we salute you. Jai Hind.