Diamonds can be the source of endless conversations, as rightly said the eternal beauties are forever. Expensive Diamond rings are famously accepted as engagement rings around the globe, it is on this occasion when one doesn’t hold back but splurge their way through their partner’s heart. Just like everybody else our loved Hollywood celebrities from Actors and models to singers and reality TV celebs have splurged a chunk of their earnings on over the top engagement rings and oh! Did they ever? Our budget may not match theirs but surely our taste does.

A few most expensive diamond rings that caught our eye

The Taylor Burton Ring -

Old is gold, this phrase sums ups wonderfully what you’re going to read next. No. 1 on this list is the flawless beauty that is ‘Elizabeth Taylor’. In the 1950’s she was one of the popular stars within the classic Hollywood cinema circle. She and her BAE Richard Burton married twice and Taylor came to be the owner of the 8.8 million dollar - Most expensive engagement ring, one like this was never seen before – the Krupp asscher cut, 33.19 carats was a diamond considered exceptionally of flawless clarity came to be known as the Taylor- Burton ring.
The Taylor Burton Ring - Most Expensive Diamond Ring

Destiny’s Child –

Of course we mean Beyonce, who else? This power house alongside Jayz is one of the most popular star couples so it’s not surprising that they made this list. The engagement ring that she flaunts compliments her so well, its bold, it’s beautiful and it’s a classic Lorraine Schwartz design. The flawless diamond ring is estimated to be around 5 million dollars by the jeweler.
Destinys Child - Most Expensive Engagement Ring

Gracious Grace –

This one stole our hearts just like the owner did, another iconic beauty to the charming era was Grace Kelly. Kelly was a television and cinema actress who got the 10.7 carat diamond in emerald cut ring from Prince Rainier III, considered to be one of Cartier’s most prized designs she become the owner to this masterpiece In priced at approx 4.1 million dollars. After marrying His majesty Prince Rainier Kelly became Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco.
Gracious Grace - Most Expensive Engagement Ring

Jlo’s Bling -

Designer Neil Lane also known has ‘jeweler to the stars’ did an impeccable job with Marc Anthony’s request, Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars - unique, elegant and stylish define both the ring and the beautiful singer. The ring has a rare blue 8.5 carat diamond in the center. Although Jlo and Anthony called it splits in 2014 the beauty that is this ring had to make this list. This piece is considered as the most expensive ring owned by JLO.

Jlos Bling - Most Expensive Engagement Ring