Colour Stone Earrings

Gemstone jewellery online in India, something every now and then one loves to indulge in. If you too are a fan of art in the form of colorful jewellery then our brand new ‘berries’ selection will attract you right to it. Gold and diamond jewellery crafted with sapphire stones to create dazzling masterpieces that you simply must have in your jewellery box.

While one part of the land is getting ready to say goodbye to Lord Ganesha and basking in the glory and blessings the other part is gearing up to welcome Maa Durga in full swing. The beauty of our country lies in the celebrations, rituals, faith and brotherhood. What stays common among this all is the instant reflex to share the love with your family, friends and well wishers. Dressing up for every occasion and looking your best can be a rathe daunting task sometimes so picking something universal, modern yet rooted and beautiful is what you should for.

Here’s how you can celebrate the upcoming festivities with the new and radiant gemstone collection ‘Berries’

Gemstones are a lifestyle –

Gemstone jewellery for women are the most fun kind of shopping, enhance any ensemble with the vibrant colored stone earrings in unique designer wear with diamond studded gold and sapphire gemstones. Fusion jewellery brightens up the festive attires even more adding a dash of sparkle with the diamonds, color with the stones and elegance with the customizations in White gold, yellow gold and rose gold. While diamond studded, solitaires or pure gold jewellery are classics Gemstones are kind of a lifestyle, once you fall in love with the enticing shades they bring you’ll always want  flaunt them.

[caption id="attachment_505" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Berries Collection Colorful Earrings[/caption]

Why Sapphires –

Sapphire stones are a symbol of royalty and that is exactly what you want to go for with the indo-western look this festive season. These stones are associated with the signs of faith and love and they bring the romance within your look with jewellery. Sapphires have always been known to naturally be of good quality and it also has a good shelf life when incorporated in jewellery designs for women. The berries selection provides varieties of earrings in intricately designed patterns and styles that are also available in three different tones with Pink sapphire, Blue sapphire and Yellow sapphires. While these gemstone earrings are widely used they make one of the most graceful presents.
It’s all about the colors –

Berries are here to pump up all kinds of looks for the current and upcoming joyous events; from the day of the first gathering to the day of the visarjan you can parade designer selections everyday. Every single day could use a little color in it, the most versatile thing about gemstones are that you can keep the attires simple and elegant with statement jewellery pieces. Berries are about adding fun to just about anything, from a get together on a day off from work or a glam evening event.

Check out the adorable designer gemstone collection ‘Berries’ on for the latest trendy updates on jewellery.