When people shop for fine jewellery they very much plan on adorning it for the longest period of time possible. For example, an engagement ring; a special piece of jewellery that is close to your heart and you would pretty much never take off which is why finding the perfect one that suits your style is key.

There is an infinite variety today in terms of patterns when it comes to choosing Diamond Rings online, the grace of it all lies in the Cuts and Clarity with each one symbolizing something different. Whatever your style may be, vintage, contemporary or simply unique read ahead to learn about the various Cuts/Styles of Diamonds and take your pick.

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The Elegant, alluring and tantalising cuts to choose from -  

round shape diamond

The Round shape is the most popular kind of cut, the classic circle represents continuity which means endless in forms gestures, love and affection. This elegant style sparkles like no other, while the round cut may be considered traditional it can today be found on everything from rings, mangalsutras to pendants and earrings.

The Oval shape is quite unique in itself, more than just a circular design this has a dazzling sparkle. This egg-shaped oval shape diamonddiamond has approximately 58 facets on an average and is extremely brilliant and creative with an artistic look. The advantage or adorning this is that due to its shape it looks larger in size in comparison to round diamonds.

diamond princessA favourite among celebs, Princess cut is a graceful yet statement cut popularly made into engagement rings. Love for square shape stones taken to a whole new level with this cut bringing an edgy look to brides everywhere. The square shape provides the perfect illusion as the stone appears larger in size and due to its bevelled sides, a princess cut reflects light brilliantly.

You may find a little bit of round and marquise combination in the Pear or commonly known as the tear drop shape. This pear diamondcut is contemporary and extremely stylish, due to its shape the wearers fingers gets a slender look, also this stone type can only be achieved with customization which opens various avenues in patterns and designs for a jewellery lover.

emreld diamondThis beautiful name brings to mind the Green coloured Emerald Gemstone, one can easily relate this graceful name to a splash of color. A very popular Cut, the Royal styles of Emerald cut diamonds or Solitaires are like none other, the rectangular facets showcase clarity and brilliance impeccably. This makes for the perfect statement jewellery among all.

Undoubtedly this cut exudes romance as simply and elegantly as it sparkles in light. The definite modern appeal as had heart diamondjewellery lovers go gaga over the Heart shape cut and can be found on many engagement rings, proposal rings as well as wedding rings. This is an intricate cut and can be achieved by the work of experienced artisans, again a customizable shape that one can either adorn themselves or gift to a loved one.

cushion shape diamondKnown to be referred to as a pillow cut diamond this cut is exquisite as it is timeless, the brilliance and clarity in the Cushion cut is a result of larger faces and round corners. You can never go wrong with this beautiful and elegant cut; this brilliant piece of jewellery makes the perfect gift for women.

Popularly referred to as a boat shaped cut, this one is full of history and love. Originated initially in France the Marquise marquies shapes diamondcut is quite a contemporary choice usually worn as a single boat shaped solitaire in engagement rings, wedding rings or simple rings. The curves symbolize in many ways the modern women in all their glory flaunting this piece of jewellery with confidence and elegance.

asscher shape diamondThis unique cut has a prism like quality which denotes its brilliance, the deep pavilion and high crown matches features of that of an Emerald cut, but of course with a much more royal look. While the most notable distinction between and emerald cut and Asscher would be the shape and size one can decide which to pick based on look, attire or preference.

The beautiful name itself tells you that this would be one of the most stunning cuts of diamonds. Until the Radiant cut radiant shapes diamondcame into existence square cut diamonds were all the rage and although exquisite in themselves the Radiant cut has a much higher brilliance. Radiant cut diamonds are considered to be hybrids with approximately 70 facets.

Now you might be wondering why you need to know Diamond cuts instead of simply trusting your jeweller, first things first only when you have complete knowledge about the anatomy of the stone will you know exactly the piece you’ve bought.

Second, by understanding the relationship between the Crown and the Pavilion one can easily identify the clarity and brilliance of a diamond.
Third and last Every stone is different and having a basic understanding of its ratio, facets and additional features helps your jewellery stay true to you.

Whichever cut you select; these pointers will come in handy

  • Selecting the mount is as important as picking out the perfect cut, the prong in place should be able to support the stone as well as protect it. After knowing the type of cut you want to flaunt select the mount.
  • Ask your jeweller to make you check the symmetry of the cut, you want it to be even so its radiance and brilliance can be known.
  • Diamonds can be found of various different clarity, take your jewellers assistance in finding out the flawlessness of the diamonds, remember prices differ accordingly.
  • Once the diamond cut, clarity and mount are sorted pick the kind of band you want it to be set on. Though men prefer wider bands and women a sleeker design, one can always customise according to their preference.
  • Last but not the least take careful measures to store and clean all your diamond rings regularly and gently to keep their shine and show forever.