A diamond ring is used in several ways. There are many diamond rings that you can afford in the store.  These rings are for both men and women of all ages.  The colors of the diamonds used are based on popular demand.  Regardless of these colored diamonds, the styles that can be seen in diamond rings have the look of pure elegance, and that is the logo of diamond designs.

Distinguishing a real diamond ring from imitation jewelry may be difficult. Once you like a particular diamond ring, it’s better you go to the store and personally check the ring. In this article we will discuss the secrets of diamond rings that would mesmerize you:

  1. The Cut - The first secret about diamond rings is the cut. Do you know that the cut is the most challenging aspect of diamond rings design? The brilliance of a diamond ring depends strongly on the cut. A great cut would ensure that your jewelry is beautiful and unique. It is important to check the cut because a deep cut would have a bad brilliance and less light would reflect through the diamond. A shallow cut also means lack of brilliance and reflect light. Therefore, a perfect cut is significant. You want your diamond ring to be as shiny as possible, right? The ideal cut would mean optimum refraction of light that would cause a maximum glow.

    Diamond Cut

  2. The Clarity – Another secret thing you need to look into is clarity. The problem is that there are many fundamental flaws that diamonds possess. These are also known as inclusions and occur during the rock formation process. The clarity of the rock is known by the number of inclusions in it. The size of the inclusions would also determine the clarity. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is going to be. But you can be assured that the abaya diamond ring would be of high quality and brilliance. This is why rocks are different and unique.

    Diamond Clarity

  3. The Color - Women always love colorless diamonds. These are the most desirable as they glow the most. These rocks as mentioned above allow the most refraction of light. On the other hand, off-white rocks would absorb light which caused them to inhibit brilliance. For this reason, you must personally check your diamond ring and make sure to keep this in mind.

    Diamond Color

  4. Carat weight - It is often a misconception that carat refers to the size of a diamond. In reality, a carat is the standard unit of weight by which diamonds are measured. Since a carat is a weight measure, not size, one diamond of the same carat weight may look bigger than another depending on the cut. A premium diamond may appear larger than many diamonds with higher carat weight.

    Diamond Weight

Do you know unless you are familiar with diamonds there is no way that an ordinary person will know if you are wearing a real diamond or fake diamond ring? The best thing that you can do is to enjoy the pleasure of wearing one of the timeless beauties. Finally, we suggest that you check that the papilior store is certified by the IGA or the International Gemological Institute. By doing this, you know that you are buying a quality product.