All about Paisley, this is the right season to fall in love with this Mango shaped motif. Well here are the reasons what made us adore paisley’s and why we are celebrating it with the MANKOLAM collection.

Back In The DaysBack in the days – Paisley’s are authentic Indian art that have been around since the 17th century and have inspired designing and fashion in a huge way. We say it’s time to go back to our roots and explore the Paisley theme. Our designs for the MANKOLAM collection are inspired by the aesthetics of the beautiful ethnic mango shape composition.

summer-styleSummer style – The heat we agree is high this year and amidst the scorching sunrays we bring to you special designs that shine just as bright. Keeping jewellery to a minimal is a good choice, avoiding them completely is not. While summer is the season for pin-up hair and crop tops, contrast patterns popular during the Victorian Era too sounds fascinating doesn’t it?

Office Wear JewelleryOffice wear – You might have a long day at work but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best and, simple is the way to go when you match jewellery with professional attire. Go for stud earrings and a silent but unique ring or a necklace that makes solo jewellery stunning. We suggest mankolam choices for office wear here –

Evening Wear EarringsEvening wear – jewellery you can wear, flaunt and gift too, these versatile designs set on an urbane pattern from mankolam collection are elegant and easy to pair up with all evening shades. The mango motif is a great blend and you could mix them up with a dark palate if you want them to stand out.

Diamond BanglesWedding jewelry – no! We are not talking about your wedding but since the wedding season will be kicking in soon you do have a couple appearances to make we’re sure. Jewelry from Mankolam collection makes ethnic look haute and are sprightly new designs you should be sporting at all those wedding shenanigans.

Our tips to stay glam this summer’2016 - Your handbag checklist should comprise of Sunscreen, Shades, Drink/Snack, Wipes and jewellery trinkets.