Most viewed, bought and cherished rings from papilior will give you a tingling to go on a shopping spree. Check out these beauties and chose which ring speaks best to you!

Section 1 – the valentine selection

Heart Parade Ring Love says it all, and so do these elegant sprightly rings. One of the most loved from our popular collections of diamond rings is the Heart parade ring, the obvious choice If you’re head over heels for someone and want a proposal coming your way, this beautiful piece with a heart center studded with diamonds and rose gold heart shaped band is quite the romantic gesture.
Second in line is the Lucent mirage ring, this designer ring with its intricacy is quite splendid as it is simple. The infinity symbol portraying love and the diamond on white gold mounted on an edge yellow gold band is frankly something women love buying for themselves too. This ring is infinite power of strength and love. Lucent Mirage Ring

Section 2 – A bouquet of diamonds OR inspired by flowers


The floret collection has gained its popularity due to its versatile nature. With flowers one can rarely go wrong, that’s why when in doubt bring flowers. While roses, orchids or daisy’s can be your safe play card at any occasion so can these accessories. Flowers may be seasonal but these diamond rings will shine all year round. Out of the bestsellers the Pink trumpet ring is a very sophisticated choice for work or a formal setting, with rose gold buds and a diamond studded band this baby is a statement piece.

The floweret diamond ring while looks like a mini bouquet will have head turns with its exquisite design. The rose gold petals studded with a single diamond set on a diamond studded band does justice to any summer attire.

This one is a favorite, it’s such a versatile piece and a burst of colors that it adds the fusion edgy style needed to anything between a black tie event to a wedding. The burgeon ring is designed with yellow and rose gold and diamonds outlining the whole piece as multiple flowers.

Section 3 – Back to basics with love for rings.


For the crowd that’s crushing over rings these are the diamond studded gold rings loved by customers on papilior.

Orabelle diamond ring is a one of a kind design that we have carefully curated for women who love diamonds but minimalism too. This twisted yellow gold and diamond mounted white gold ring just like its name defines a beautiful seacoast with its wave like design.

These two – Gia diamond and spiral delta diamond rings are preferred more than not as wedding rings. The golden glow has its own charm and when mounted with diamonds with chic designing it is a hit as wedding rings.

Section 4 – Solitaires

Nothing speaks to women like solitaires do and here are the two highest sold solitaire laurels from papilior, while these come from a very long list they sure are the most loved.

Favoloso Ring The Favoloso ring is a winner with its diamond studded twin bands mounted by a princess cut solitaire, being one of the classic rings at papilior this is loved by grooms looking for the perfect wedding gift for their brides.
The last on the list but the most charismatic of the lot the Liliya Solitaire ring defines grace. The thin white gold band with a round solitaire surrounded by round diamonds studded to give it a perfect flower look is such a subtle yet powerful design. Liliya Solitaire Ring