Wear them or gift them but you simply have to buy them, they aren’t pieces you add to your collection but the ones you start with. Quality and precision in fine jewellery with gold, diamond and solitaires is a unique experience while shopping at papilior.

Why we cannot just get enough of pendants and how can these make perfect presents?

Solitaire gifting at its best because her love is priceless –

[caption id="attachment_498" align="aligncenter" width="648"]diamond pendants Diamond Pendants[/caption]

Pendants show Poise and affection in simple ways, deck them up on diamonds surrounding a round cut solitaire and voila you have the most mesmerizing gift ready for your loved one.  Diamond Pendants set on rose gold, yellow gold or white gold with solitaires or gemstones are soulful jewellery and  If there was a way to express your feelings , diamond would be perfect for that. You can indulge in similar diamond pendant designs at Papilior.com for gifting ideas. We know how perfect pendants are and how easy to carry accessories they can be, so this season let diamond pendants as presents make lifetime memories.\

The safe-zone jewellery for a last minute dress –

[caption id="attachment_499" align="aligncenter" width="648"]Heart Pendants Heart Pendants[/caption]

With pendants you are always playing safe; they have the minimal jewel look yet can spruce up any attire. With the heart shaped pendant you will Fall in love with yourself and that will be just more than enough reason to buy diamond studded heart inside a heart pendant. Two-tones and three tones in gold and delicately designed placements of diamonds are the kind of jewellery you get compliments for. All women have that one diamond pendant they know will go with everything and categorizes into the safe zone jewellery box, embrace it and you’re ready for the day. Donning the last minute dress, the minimal jewellery and wearing a smile on your face works wonders any day at any given time.

A key to your heart –

[caption id="attachment_500" align="aligncenter" width="648"]Gold-Pendants Gold Pendants[/caption]

Jewellery is always in an infinite competition in fashion to become the best there is, keeping up with new styles and trends. We believe it’s essential to do so too with finding new and unique designs to keep wearers interested and love they fine jewellery that they buy which is why pendants for women is crafted carefully to bring out the grace in them. Gold Pendants hold the key to that as they can symbolize your feelings in very many ways. Go for gold pendant designs as they make really good gift options apart from being adaptable and versatile jewellery.
All the men out there - No, we didn’t forget about you

Men enjoy the essence of jewellery just as much as women and it too plays a vital role in dressing for casual or formal wear. While they make the world come together to make us happy we should open up the gift guide for men once in a while too. Masculine, bold and simple designs in gold, diamond and solitaires in pendants are most donned by men and available at the online jewellery store Papilior.com