and Team wishes one and all a very happy 2018; while the celebrations and parties are over we wanted to keep the spirits up by bringing in something beautiful to light up all your moods.

Presenting the ‘Pear’ collection, handmade designer jewelry created by artisans in-house at papilior, like our many previous collections each and every design of this too has been drawn and crafted to bring to you something that will uniquely be yours. Within this simple and elegant pear shapes you will find a variety of Bracelets, Earrings and Pendant set so let’s start this year with investing into something that is evergreen.

While we are working on bringing several more designs to you here is a sneak peek at what to check out at the Pear Collection,

Pendant sets –

Pear shaped diamonds set on rose gold, white gold and yellow gold are what you see when you scroll through the pendant sets, elegant and minimalism has been adapted by the artisans to design jewellery you can wear anywhere from a conference to a wedding reception. The unique designs and patterns that bring to you the designer pear collections pendant and earring sets are a marvel as they complete an entire look within themselves. Choose a spiral take on your jewellery or a floral pattern here there is something suiting all age groups with various trendsetters.

Pear Cross Spiral Pendant Set Marquise Star Diamond Pendant Set

Earrings –

The USP of this collection is their earthy look and feel; they are not over the top bold earrings but would make a perfect pair for your everyday wear. The Drops can give a fusion look to the traditional day at work and the simple pear designs can provide a magnificent look on a Sunday afternoon paired with the comfortable Tee and jeans. Purchasing jewellery has a lot of factors involved from Style, Budget to wear ability and most importantly the longevity. We believe in bringing exclusive collections to you to make sure that you make the right investment with designs that always stay in style.

Pear Cross Diamond Stud Earring Pear Diamond Bali

Bracelets –

The Brazen bracelets are what this collection will make you fall in love with, we have strived to create and make our way into the hearts of our buyers by keeping up our quality and authentic novel designs. Papilior widely believes in being a trusted jeweler and making jewelley accessible and affordable for everyone. With the Pear shaped diamond and gold bracelets we’re bringing traditional and urban together and building something beautiful from it. Select the gold color and karat and keep these beauties for yourself of gift them to your close ones.

Pear Cross Diamond Bracelet Pear Diamond Bracelet

This collection is the latest by and we are actively working on creating something new for you every day. We have successfully launched more than a dozen collections and take care of the latest trends while keeping in mind that even woman's lifestyle is different and so would be her choice of jewelley! Choose love for jewellery & Choose Papilior!