Well, the wedding season is on and people are busy buying the best of wedding jewellery for themselves. One of the signature pieces in any Hindu wedding in India is the mangalsutra. In fact, it symbolizes the marital bond between husband and wife and is considered an auspicious thing. Woven in black beads and gold, this beautiful diamond necklace is worn by all married ladies for the prosperity of their marriage.

Trend : With time, the mangalsutra designs have gone through a makeover and have become quite trendy. Although the black beads still keep their traditional feel in it, the designs keep changing from long necklaces with big pendant to small ones that look hardly different than an everyday chain.

Apart from the gold mangalsutra, there is a hot trend of the diamond mangalsutras. They look more classy and royal in appeal and are an obvious choice of the rich and famous.

[caption id="attachment_766" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Mangalsutra Mangalsutra[/caption]

Latest Manngalsutra Style

The new age designs of the mangalsutras are more wearable and quite a style symbol for working ladies also. Exquisite designs of these neck pieces are available in all qualities of gold starting from 14kt to the 22kt gold mangalsutra.

While the modern day woman chooses smaller, cute pendants and shorter chain of these neck pieces, there are still some who like to wear the traditional long mangalsutras with big pendants. Well, each one to their choice!

Global Influence :

Bold pieces like Tanmaniya collection has a global appeal as each piece has been inspired by international designs and perfect regular accessory item.

By choosing tanmaniya which can be worn around their wrist as a mark of jewellery speaks for itself. All kinds of designs and style are available with us. You can choose the designs by yourself and can even get them custom made from Papilior.

We have all kinds of mangalsutras, be it diamond mangalsutra, the gold one. Just choose the designs and we will offer you the best piece for the long lasting memory of your wedding.

Choosing mangalsutras can be tricky as you need to know the choice of the lady of your life. For this, it is important that both of you come together to choose the jewellery. Papilior is ready for your visit and to welcome you. Are you?