Let’s apply a Greener approach this Holi, let's buy ‘color’-full jewellery.  We are ready to welcome springtime and rejoice with the first widely celebrated festival of the year, Holi Hai! Every color says something different and while we would encourage you to purchase organic/harmless and light colors instead of the hard ones we’re here to tell you what we know best off – The upcoming spring jewellery trends! Kickstart this year off in the spirit of Holi with colorful laurels that play a perfect role in your springtime wardrobe. Holi is a joyous festival that brings forth merriment, prosperity and love. This is one of the very few celebrations which I filled with fun and many are seen setting aside their differences and starting the new season with a world of optimism. While colors play an integral part for this day and we do love our colorful trinkets too. Here are some bold and beautiful stories to keep up your spirits just as our bold jewellery designs do.

    • Rajesh Kumar, on the 28th of march last year wrote about his visit to Pakistan for the ‘India of Peace festival’ and how Pakistanis celebrated holi along with their brothers(irrespective of their caste/religion) , this tells us that Humanity never die’s and all we need is one out of hundreds to have faith. Mention courtesy - https://www.parhlo.com/celebrating-holi-a-step-towards-a-progressive-and-tolerant-pakistan/ While humanity never lets you down, jewellery shouldn’t either – pick out your favorite gold, diamond , solitaire of colorful gemstones from Papilior.com this holi.

Holi Festival There is a thing of two we can learn from the paskistani’s as well, mostly from their trendy fashion stylists and designers who know just how to pair fine jewellery with pastel shades . Here are some picks in “Bold Gold” for this Holi…

Anushna-Gold-Earring The Anushna Rose Gold Danglers makes a beautiful Holi favour weather it’s for gifting or just binge shopping for
trio-papilio-kreis-pendant Gift some Holi Love with this three tone subtle Trio Papilio Kreis Pendant.
  • Many international writers have published their experiences online about the festival of Holi, and majorly how the love the merriment and the concept of ‘Bura na maano, Holi Hai!’ One such writer Allison Dial had published a write up talking about the story behind this festival and the said traditions and joy surrounding it. Mention courtesy - https://www.novica.com/blog/celebrating-holi-the-hindu-festival-of-colors/ it’s amazing to know that people all over the world are in awe of the colorful season. Let’s share this story with our near and dear one’s along with a token a love bought from papilior.com

Holi Festivals

    • We are also gorging on some stylish international looks this holi, subtle diamonds is all we want, check out these hot sellers –
Farfalla-Diamond-Necklace We have our hearts set on this popular rose gold floral pattern studded with diamonds and an emerging butterfly in this eye popping necklace called Farfalla Diamond necklace
Claret-Gold-Earring The Claret gold and pearl earrings would be perfect to mark this auspicious occasion.
  • While most part of India will sparkle around with rainbow colors in the air and laughter and joy everywhere, make the most of this festival of Love to make your close ones happy. Amidst the colors and merriment gift your family and friends gifts they will always cherish and remember, let them start of the spring and give thanks to the harvest season looking their best.Get in touch with Papailior.com to get a custom gift card for that someone special so that they can shop at their own ease and alongside the comfort of their taste and likes,

Let's splurge on colors this holi, we have the perfect gemstone jewellery in mind to get you started, browse through for your choice of stones and colors or fall in love with the ones below.

Claret-Pearl-Pendant-Set Pinkobello-Heart-Pendant-Set Parelen-Pendant-Set

Very few can say no to Pearls, the have a class and charm to them which sparkles your laughter even more and while we recommend these to be ideal for the spring season please do not wear these or any fine jewellery while playing Holi. Enjoy the combination of Gold and diamonds with pearls to get the perfect look for this season!

Go green this holi, use less plastic bags and balloons and go traditional with colorful hands, use less or no water to conserve rather than waste it and wish and thank everyone around you for being a part of this wonderful journey called ‘Life’. Happy holi from the entire team at Papilior.com