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Mangalsutras  are chains of black beads with pendants of gold or diamond , these are more than just  jewellery, these are traditions. This form of jewellery brings immense happiness in one’s life considering the association under which there are given - The union of marriage to a Hindu bride is incomplete without a Mangalsutra pendant.

Style : These though a traditional form of jewellery was initially made with heavy intricate work on gold pendants attached to a chain of black beads are available today in diamonds and are perfect for the fashion-friendly bride.

One might say these have evolved to be a part of everyday fashion too with more and more women embracing their fashionable sides along with their independent professional side prefer wearing attires and accessories that are work-place friendly as well as comfortable.

Shopping Trend : With the online shopping trend having surfaced the buyers have found it to be surreal to have services like doorstep delivery, assured products and vetted brand names to choose from with this the fine jewellery business has only flourished.

  • Diamond managalsutra provide you with a wide range of the latest designs and trends fit for everyday wear and custom made to fulfill desires of various different tastes and likings.
  • Gold Mangalsutra were worn before as a symbol of the union of marriage which today has turned into a style symbol too. Not a lot of women want to flaunt heavy gold pendants on contemporary attires hence, the evolution of varieties of patterns and designs carved in gold and studded with diamonds into the most unique and subtle mangalsutras to flaunt day in day out saw the light.
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While purchasing gold mangalsutra for women one must keep in mind how flexible and versatile you want the pendant to be, which it has the most soulful touch to it because of its symbol of love and commitment it can also break barriers about the stereotypical women with its grace and elegance.

The Fashion Thread

  • The fashion industry plays a major role in the setting and changing of fashion trends here, today that applies to the ever designer western wears in gold mangalsutras.
  •  Why we consider diamond managalsutras to be a boon to the fashion forward is because these prove to be the most ethnic form of fine jewellery yet works absolutely fine in the western setting. Unique designer wears in diamonds of different clarity and cut available in three customizations of gold in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold brings to you subtle handcrafted patterns on Papilior.com.
  • While this brand is slowly and steadily becoming a household name they are majorly known for their trusted associations with the IGI for certified diamonds and BIS hallmarks for Gold.

Every product here is different from the other showcasing the wide range of options you have to choose from on an indo-western designing aspect. Diamond mangalsutra shopping made friendly and easy with Papilior and their team that can help you find the perfect design complimenting the likes and taste of your perfect bride.