Styles of Diamond Earrings

Jewellery addicts know when it comes to owning trinkets earrings are must haves. Here are some tempting earrings for you to spike your style quotient and the perfect attires to pair them up with.
Wedding season or not, we are all for decking up with those ethnic and colorful churidaars and anarkalis. This sunny season is really making a lot of women incline towards sarees that’s for sure and what better to accessorize with than traditional diamond studs earrings. Stud earrings blends well with all be it rainbow color dupattas or single tone sarees. Find a range of traditional diamond and gold stud earrings here, what’s best is that you’ll find something for every occasion.

Traditional Earrings

Tip for jewellery addicts - *Always make sure you get separate diamond and gold certificate for your earrings.

Office wear collection while might be easily available online not all are appropriate for work. We understand this dilemma and know that only specific and sometimes statement designs work for a professional set up. When looking for office wear earrings online in India we look for designs that are modern yet cultured. A sober golden hoop does the trick just like an elegant diamond stud would.

Stud Earrings

Tip for jewellery addicts - *solitaire studs make wonderful and appropriate work wear jewellery.

Yes we are just referring to the excessively warm summer, jewellery should never be a hassle it should go just right with casual wear and also suit the wearers personality. We say go for rose gold, it has the perfect romance with the golden sun and would brighten up the light colors on your attire. Casual diamond earrings make up anything from simple from loops to studs to jhumkas. These accessories are mostly statement earrings as you always opt for subtle attires and jewellery would make that simplicity pop.

Casual Earrings

Tip for jewellery addicts - *your jeweler should never have a problem letting you recheck with a gemologist.

We know you are out there, the women who would stretch out their hands farther to pick up the pearly ring and skip over all the diamonds before them. You are a true jewellery addict if you have every style of earrings and then some with pearls on them. At Papilior you can find pearl earrings online set in different colors of gold within unique designs.


Tip for jewellery addicts - *Cleaning pearls are the easiest but remember they are extremely delicate, store them gently with cotton padding.