Here are the C’s that you should look for when buying a diamond.

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The Diamond Purchasing Checklist…

Do your homework – Be prepared and know what is it that you are looking for, it’s okay to browse through and then select but at least have an idea of what you are looking for because you absolutely do not want to end up with the wrong diamond.

Buy from a certified jeweler only – You obviously do not want to be duped, go only to a certified jeweler selling precious jewellery and providing appropriate certificates for them.

Invest in the stone – The quality or the value of the stone itself never diminishes, the setting or design trends will change but the stone is constant. Buy something you know you can still flaunt a couple years down the line.

Set a Budget – While it’s good to check out everything out there make sure you know what your requirements are.  Set a budget and keep it lower than your final number so if you have to, you could splurge.

Know the importance of certification – Only accept certified jewellery and certificates from acclaimed laboratories like IGI and GIA, remember that the gold your Diamond is set on should be BIS hallmarked too.

Compare, Compare and Compare – Before you purchase the diamond make sure you compare other jewelers and similar designs elsewhere

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