When it comes to picking out jewellery it has a lot to do with trends and fashion and while those change like the season some accessories never go out of style.  Diamond earrings are the perfect example of timeless jewellery, you can never go wrong with diamonds of course and when it comes to earrings they are a safe haven. The amazing styles and designs that come out every season are mind-blowing and a great way to keep up with the trends and fashion.

Earrings are go-to jewellery, they are accessible and easy on the eyes, the best part they are statement accessories and you barely need to pair them up with anything else; they give the perfect complete look. Diamond earrings have time and again proven to be subtle options for all kind of attires – from formal wear to daily casual and party wear to cocktail evenings; they suit one and all. While fashion is ever changing there are absolutely some kinds of pieces you can always put your faith in – these are evergreen and never go out of style – some examples of these would be diamond jhumka earrings, diamond drop earrings, hoop earrings, and the ever handy Stud earrings.

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The Jhumkas –

Jhumkas are the earthy essence brought upon by jewellery that are much more than just accessories; they’re a statement and a lifestyle. While their alluring look suits the personality of a carefree wearer jhumkas are one such trend that can never really go out of style. From the sassy bridesmaid, the socialite to the girl wearing her first diamond jewellery, Jhumkas are eternal earrings. Diamond earring designs will take your breath away. Diamond studded earring Jhumkas are a treat to the eyes and make beautiful wedding gifts (since the wedding season is just around the corner)
Jhumkas Earrings

The Studs –

These are everyday wear jewellery, diamond studded stud earrings are easy to wear and works very well in formals and casual both settings. For the every busy woman now who are always on their toes working, travelling, juggling multiple roles and still carrying themselves perfectly. Studs are the perfect go to accessory that you can count on as they are effortless jewellery and very subtly pair up with everything you wear. From jumpsuits to cocktail dresses diamond studs go well and give a funky yet classy look to the entire ensemble. Often stud earrings are one of the first pieces of jewellery given to young women as their first piece of gold or diamond accessory. Make this moment immensely special for your daughter/sister by choosing one from the exclusive designer collection at papilior.com
Stud Earring

The Solitaire Love –

The trendiest of all looks is the elegant and brilliance of a solitaire stud earring, for the uber –chic and sophisticated weddings. This is the perfect pair to done when you want to show off your love for solitaires and jewellery. When you adore diamonds this one has to be on the top of your list. A solitaire studded gold earring s a masterpiece in itself and a lovely piece of jewellery to own. Not only are these exquisite and unique but also make great investments, jewellery is very close to the heart for many and if you are one too then a solitaire earring must be your jewellery box being polished every quarter and worn with the most beautiful of attires. Especially with solitaries be sure about certifications and check and re-check that you receive what you ordered, always go with a certified jeweller or someone you trust to make your diamond purchases.
Solitaire Earrings

The goes with everything clan –

This is the safe haven, the zone you can go to when you’re absolutely not sure. Choose the ‘these are my lucky earrings’ when in doubt or the ‘gift by someone special’ for those date nights. Most of the time when you have the attire perfected and are all ready to go you may find yourself and the dilemma of what accessories would go best, hence - the safe zone. This is where you have your little trinkets that are your favorites, a diamond stud earring, a golden hoop or a go to diamond paisley are lovely options to pick up and wear with almost any outfit.