With everyone gearing up for the new year to come there is so much planning to do, the vacations, finishing up all work before your leaves, making sure the kids did all their homework so they can enjoy the vaca’s and shopping. Yes! Retail therapy is exactly what we need as the year end nears; Read More

A diamond ring is used in several ways. There are many diamond rings that you can afford in the store.  These rings are for both men and women of all ages.  The colors of the diamonds used are based on popular demand.  Regardless of these colored diamonds, the styles that can be seen in diamond Read More

With The festivities just around the corner, our country is prepping up on getting ready for the holidays. Starting with new clothes, new jewellery and the aroma of fresh oil frying all the beautiful and delicious sweets and snacks of the season in every house simply brings joy to every heart. This is time of Read More

When it comes to picking out jewellery it has a lot to do with trends and fashion and while those change like the season some accessories never go out of style.  Diamond earrings are the perfect example of timeless jewellery, you can never go wrong with diamonds of course and when it comes to earrings Read More

While India boasts of being one of the most traditional places and having spiritual grounds in our country, we sure are a land of festivals. One of the most colorful places in the world. From colorful kites in the sky in the beginning of the year to the whole country being lit up with twinkly Read More