and Team wishes one and all a very happy 2018; while the celebrations and parties are over we wanted to keep the spirits up by bringing in something beautiful to light up all your moods. Presenting the ‘Pear’ collection, handmade designer jewelry created by artisans in-house at, like our many previous collections each Read More

This new year, let’s celebrate on a sweet and sparkly note with Diamond rings for every budget. Diamonds are forever, whoever said this certainly got it right; today this is the most versatile accessory and has the power to brighten up an entire look. What’s a better gift than a rose? A rose gold diamond Read More


2017 has been about bold choices, this year women and men have gone all out with their accessories and fashion statements. The trial and error has worked in the fashionista’s favor all year. From Blood red gown with solitaire jewellery to jumpsuits with gemstones, jewellery has been the star in bringing simple, chic and elegant Read More

With everyone gearing up for the new year to come there is so much planning to do, the vacations, finishing up all work before your leaves, making sure the kids did all their homework so they can enjoy the vaca’s and shopping. Yes! Retail therapy is exactly what we need as the year end nears; Read More