The charm of accessories helps dazzle the entire outfit, especially when they’re diamonds. When you are a strong independent woman you know and understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and more, you know exactly when chic comes in and when ethnic goes live again in the market. This is Read More

The Wedding bells are ringing with the wedding season coming up. While you may be making your trips to the parlor’s and getting decked up in your favorite colored outfit you sure want to prim them with the best accessories too. When in Rome, do as the Romans and in this case the Big Indian Read More

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Well, the wedding season is on and people are busy buying the best of wedding jewellery for themselves. One of the signature pieces in any Hindu wedding in India is the mangalsutra. In fact, it symbolizes the marital bond between husband and wife and is considered an auspicious thing. Woven in black beads and gold, Read More