About us

Combining the heritage and ethics of a diamond and jewellery family business with professional education and modern day technology, Papilior is an endeavour by two brothers to revolutionise the way diamond jewellery is sold in India. With plans of bringing the sparkle of diamonds to those who could not earlier afford it, and by providing only certified diamonds to consumers, these two missionaries have embarked on a journey that will change the face of the online jewellery store.


Meet Vishvesh Zaveri

Jewelry Designer-Founder

An acclaimed and awarded jewellery designer, Vishvesh has not only inherited the knowledge of gems and jewellery with his lineage but also boasts of a degree from the Indian Diamond Institute.

His passion for jewellery has led him to acquire inside out knowledge of the gem and jewell ery trade, which he has optimally applied towards turning a small family gold jewellery business into a pan-India entity.

Backed by 14 years of hands on experience in the gems and jewellery industry, Papilior is Vishvesh’s personal endeavour to provide diamonds to consumers at highly                  competitive rates by removing all the middlemen who line their pockets as these precious stones travel from the mine to the market.

Constantly driven by his passion for making rare diamonds common, Vishvesh loves designing and is happiest when he is working!


Meet Chirag Patel

Jewelry Designer-Founder

Chirag joined the family gold jewellery business right after graduation and very soon realised that the future of jewellery lay in diamonds and not gold.

Right after converting the traditional company over to the diamond jewellery business in 2001, Chirag also set up his own diamond manufacturing facility at Visnagar.

He personally handles all of the Papilior’s loose diamond production and purchasing, bringing to fruition, the company’s vision of directly supplying from the mines to the market.

He also looks after the retail and wholesale of high-end designer diamond jewellery.

Driven by his passion for doing things differently, Chirag is a workaholic who lives, sleeps and dreams diamonds.

Our Premises 


  • Designer Jewellery

    Majorly our Unique Selling Point is that we create our own designs. We know we want to give you the best designs and more. Starting from abstract ethnic to modern and chic; Papilior has its own in-house design team, the creative minds here use the professional education and their experience from the field in making the most extravagant, bold and the most distinctive pieces of jewellery.

  • IGI Certified Jewellery

    We only sell diamonds that are IGI certified, you will receive an official IGI certificate along with the product and you can also check the certificate details with its number on the IGI website.

  • BIS Hallmarked jewellery

    Gold jewellery on papilior are hallmarked by BIS. You will receive a purity certificate along with the product. When you purchase gold and diamond or gold and gemstone jewellery you will get separate certificates for both.

  • Transparent Pricing

    papilior.com has the lowest per carat rate on diamonds and realistic Labour charges, we assure transparent pricing to our customers. We are providing attractive discounts on our website, after those discounts you are practically purchasing products at wholesale prices.